Artist Statement

The “Islamic Erotica” series was an exploration of the conflicts between east & west exacerbated by the “War on Terror”. The images were seen by many as cautionary tales of negative western influence on Muslim nations. The work was a parody of the “extremists’” worst fears when faced with globalization.

What will happen if the “infidels take over? Will the secularists “strip” their female population of their cherished honor & integrity?

The paintings morphed cultural traditions that were contradictory but led to the same ultimate result. Over exposure as well as over protection can both be forms of objectification and in turn contribute to the marginalization of women.

“Modesty” considers the parallel universe; the west’s great fear:

What if the “Terrorists’ win? Will there be a revisionist history? Will there be retroactive censorship willed by our new fundamentalist, prudish overlords?

Will the “Jihadists” deconstruct the sexual revolution? Will the new Theocracy not rest until all populist images of western “Sex Symbols”, past & present, are covered under a veil of “decency”?

Makan Emadi


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